Vendor and Integrator Service Delivery

AWA assists its ICT vendor and integrator clients by designing and building tailor made service delivery solutions.

AWA is able to provide direct services as AWA, or where required, an arm’s length service where AWA provides services as part of a customised ‘integrated’ service, where all the end customer sees is a service being provided by AWA’s vendor/integrator/distributor customer.

Our work and experience with a prestigious range of customers, who are all leaders in their own industries, has equipped AWA to be able to provide service solutions that address each of these customers’ individual requirements.

Service Solutions Design

We are the experts in service delivery and using our broad experience, we regularly work with our customers to design their particular service delivery solution, as well as assisting in improving their existing activities. AWA helps new vendors to enter the Australian market with a proven and comprehensive service solution.


We can take over or acquire all customer service delivery requirements and act as their service department by providing the right combination of capabilities.

Infrastructure Management

We can manage some or all of the service delivery functions of our customers on their behalf.


  • Expert Response Centre
  • Expert Technical Support
  • Service Call Management
  • Managing Parts
  • Retail Drop-Off Points
  • Product Rework and Management of Resale Channels
  • Management of End of Life Product Disposal including E-Waste
  • Installation and Training
  • Warranty Management

Expert Technical Support

AWA’s Technical Specialists provide support to our own technicians, agents and to our customers and their partners. Our online knowledge management system ensures there is a central repository of support covering detailed technical information, processes and even helpful tips.

Service Call Management

Whether it is a break/fix service call or a product deployment our in-house AWA developed core service management system AWAre provides traceability of every service activity, whether it is performed by our AWA employees or by one of AWA’s agents. Our customers and their end customers can have direct access to AWAre so they see what we see including SLA performance and escalation management.

Managing Parts

AWA has its own integrated logistics function with warehouse facilities in all our branch offices nationally. We manage both consignment spares and our own inventory through the full reverse logistics cycle. We can also manage parts sales for vendors clients should that be a requirement.

Retail Drop-Off Points

Each of our branch offices has its own customer counter to provide convenient customer product return and pick up points that can be supplemented by our agent network.

Product Rework and Management of Resale Channels

We manage the collection, screening, repair and re-sale of customers DOA and retail returns, cleaning up what can be the difficult end of our customer’s sales channels.

Management of End of Life Product Disposal including E-Waste

As a part of an overall service provision, AWA can provide various disposal options including fully environmentally compliant E-Waste solutions in conjunction with partners.

Installation and Training

AWA provides product installation and training both as stand-alone services to end users and as an integral part of our customer’s service delivery.

Warranty Management

AWA consults with its customers and combines all or a selection of the above services into special warranty management packages for its customers who want to focus on their core product business.