Enterprise and Government Customer Service

Many of our customers have been with AWA for a long time, some for over 10 years.


The successful deployment of technology is all about planning. AWA has a dedicated project team who specialise in complex, national, multi-site activities and have the credentials to prove it. It’s all about the right systems, the right team and the right attitude giving the right results.
AWA also has the right skills covering the full range of ICT services.


From short term secondments of trained employees for specific tasks or projects, to teams permanently embedded within our customers’ organisations, AWA can provide the right resources for your specific requirements.

Customer Example: For over 12 years AWA has had a permanent team of employees, with its own team leaders, working within a major bank providing day to day Break/Fix, IMAC (installation, moves, adds and changes) plus Logistics Support. They consistently meet the customers’ strict SLA’s and many of the customers’ employees think they work for the bank!


Before equipment goes on site it makes sense to ensure that everything is complete and working. Our technicians ‘stage’ the solutions at our facilities to ensure the technologies are fully functional before they are shipped on-site.

Customer Example: AWA was engaged to provide the skilled labour for the installation of the Cisco infrastructure to allow the connectivity of the WiFi network and Digital signage amongst other technological initiatives.

AWA support Cisco by assembling, staging, Testing and burning in all devices an offsite facility. This effectively had the solution operation and gave the Proof of concept team the ability to validate the solution and work out any issues prior to exposure to the customer. 

Once the offsite build was complete we pulled down and re-boxed all equipment and managed the transport to site where we again installed, tested and commissioned onsite outside business hours and around the facility availability with regard to sporting events and functions.


We do not simply pass off the field service work to someone else. AWA manages the delivery to its successful completion. It is AWA that delivers!

We pride ourselves on having the right resources, the right systems and the right attitude. AWA has its own services employees supported by our systems, processes and facilities that include: repair, logistics and warehousing facilities in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, and Perth supplemented by a network of 180+ agents covering regional areas.

Installing and Deploying

From office moves and re-locations to more complex projects, AWA can and does deploy technology anywhere in Australia.

Customer Example: AWA completed a server migration at 102 sites for one customer. This entailed 444 visits over 8 weeks, some of which were in very remote locations including islands, up dirt tracks and even through snow fields.

Moving and Removing

ICT infrastructures are always evolving. Whether it’s due to business changes or the adoption of new technologies like cloud services there is a constant need for adding, moving, changing and removing technology. These changes may be permanent or temporary. AWA provides a comprehensive service for installations, adds, moves, changes and deletions, no matter where in Australia they are needed. Whether it is moving an office or an employee from one location to another or setting up and breaking down a trade show, AWA has the solution.

Customer Example: Every year AWA assists one of its clients to exhibit at multiple tradeshows around Australia. This involves setting up the necessary ICT infrastructure within a few hours, providing constant on-site support and then removing and storing everything ready for the next event. One series of exhibitions involved over 7,000 asset movements in 1 month.

Repairing and Refurbishing

From one off repairs to large volume refurbishments AWA can do the job quickly and efficiently using our major repair centres or at any of our well-equipped branch office repair centres. AWA can even put a team onto your site.

Customer Example: AWA recently undertook a major refurbishment of over 3,000 printers in 5 days for one of our larger customers.

Finding and Tracking

Knowing exactly where your ICT assets are located is an exacting task that can tie up valuable employee resources on an ongoing basis. AWA is able to design and execute a solution to this problem.

Customer Example: Using mobile technology devices and custom software AWA undertook a comprehensive ICT inventory for one of our customers at 35 sites in 12 weeks. This identified over 8,500 assets and provided the customer with a comprehensive audit report.


Keeping pace with change requires consistent upgrades to ICT infrastructure. The evolution of the ICT environment to take advantage of Cloud applications, mobility, unified communications and the Internet of Everything means that today’s ICT infrastructure has to be fluid and continually evolving. To enable organisations to take advantage of evolving applications and methods, AWA continually upgrades our customers’ business critical infrastructures across the country.

Customer Example: We successfully deployed for one of our customers a national multi-site router upgrade over 9 months at 1,093 sites. This involved 4,161 site visits the majority of which were after hours.